100 : Celebrating 100 Releases with HNW

by Compilation



Dear listeners,

A big thank you from the HNW netlabel, for all of the listens and downloads and support, is extended your way. And another big thanks is extended to everyone who appears on this massive slab of a compilation - and on the netlabel in general. This compilation ended up so massive, you can practically call this an "anthology". One which offers up a pretty great profile of what the international scene is doing right now. I would especially like to thank so many of the artists to previously release with the netlabel for returning - I wanted this to be about celebrating those previous releases as well as looking to the future and all the great releases to come and it has really pulled off in exactly the way I hoped it would.

A small bit of warning as well, to those purists and elitists out there - this compilation contains a handful of non-wall material - and also walls which are largely "unorthodox", unusual - experimental, and that is meant as in they exhibit an experimentation with the form/nature/content of the subgenre itself (as opposed to being more broadly meant as 'experimental' as a very broad genre term in its own right). This isn't an apology of any kind, though - the netlabel intends to go fully ahead with experimenting with what it is to be HNW as well as celebrating the standard - but there are still boundaries - and those were also ignored on this compilation a little. This thing is above 20 hours of wall noise, and we all know that something like that is going to need a bit of cushioning. I hope I didn't offend the participating non-wall artists in making this qualification (if you know who you are) a 'warning', but it felt like somethting worth mentioning.

We are all, mostly, aware that HNW is easy to do - but incredibly hard to get right. There are a plethora of approaches to HNW, and just as many differing attitudes towards it. There is a very large community of both listeners and artists alike, and those two groups are rarely mutually exclusive - there will always be differences. This compilation has a lot of very different material, some of it is from people who have never tried to make HNW until appearing on this compilation, some of it is from artists who have just started in the last month, the last year - and some of it is from trusted veterans of the form. There should be something for everyone here. I hope you enjoy listening to this as much as I did while I was compiling it. Here's to a great rest-of-2016 full of HNW !



released September 2, 2016